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    Ace Attorney News!


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    Ace Attorney News!

    Post  ChaosControl on Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:05 am

    I love the Ace Attorney games, I want more and the Japanese are holding out on us!
    In this thread we can post any tidbit of news regarding localisation, release dates etc...
    Or you can have a bit of a gush over your favourite AA games!

    The main things I'm keeping a close eye on are....

    Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney

    I had a mini-orgasm when I saw this picture.....

    Apparantly this is due to be released in Japan on 26th November this year.
    But they're making no plans to release it outside of Japan! They're going to wait and see if there's enough interest....

    Also on the way.....

    Ace Attorney 5!

    This is due to be released on the 3DS in Japan sometime next year and has been confirmed for a Western release.
    I'm very excited for this one as this is the first AA game that will have fully voiced dialogue!
    They've borrowed heavily from Apollo Justice this time around and Phoenix Wright has a new sidekick!

    She's an attorney in training and she wears a sort of computer screen around her neck. I think this will add an exciting new aspect to the game, much like the Magatama in previous PW games...

    And finally.....

    This game was released last year!! Japan have made no plans for a Western release yet because they want to see how well Ace Attorney 5 does first! Mad

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