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    Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS soon!

    Kent Hammer
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    Paper Mario Sticker Star on 3DS soon!

    Post  Kent Hammer on Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:23 pm

    It seems ages ago that Paper Mario was first announced for 3DS and since then we have been teased with heaps of videos and screenshots, suggesting perhaps that this could be the best looking 3DS game so far.

    There have been three instalments already in this franchise and fans who are familiar with the first two games will know that, while these have lots of traditional RPG elements, they also introduced their own unique battle system.

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star will see the return of this turn-based battle style but now, with added stickers! I really love the sticker power-up idea and how you can use them to find secret areas and hidden items.

    The story sounds as if it's going to be pretty awesome too. I mean, a Sticker Comet that's meant to make wishes come true? Tell me that's not cute! This game is going to look so amazing in 3D and we don't have long to wait for it as it's out on 7 December!

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